Sunday, 8 February 2015

Our original design by Carin Olwagen


Before the fall of humanity, God made us in our original design, in His image and likeness.  After the fall, we were only separated from God in our minds (alienated from the experience of the life of God) through ignorance and unbelief. God never separated Himself from us, in fact, at the fall God ran to us and embraced us with an offer of animals to clothe us (looking ahead prophetically to what God accomplished in the once and for all Offer namely Christ (the last Adam) representing all humanity.

God in Christ came to reconcile and restore all humanity in their original design, in His image and likeness.  Therefor we are reconciled into a face to face fellowship with the Trinity.  This we may discover and embrace (believe). Unbelief is just believing a lie about our true identity.

Every vehicle is engineered and designed for the use of what is was designed for.  A BMW for example is not designed to drive on water.  You can see the design of the BMW manifest on the long road. Just so we were intricately engineered and designed by God, in His image and likeness and restored to complete face to face union in Him.

See this already reality, embrace your true identity and see Him manifesting His fruit of Love, Joy, Peace, Longsuffering and Kindness through you!

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